The Rb2.4 is a stroked version of the rb20 there are actually 3 different versions
maybe even more. They are the 2.4 which is using the rb26 crank and rods and 80 or 82 mm pistons.
There is also the rb2.3 which is using rb25 crank and pistons. and there is the rb2.2 which is
using stock rods but with the bored out pistons.
In Japan these engine put out 600 ps + quite often and you can use very large turbos like
the trust T88 because it now has the torque. also the red line can be move to
8500 at least when using the rb26 crank and rod. I'm not sure which bearing to use but
I might attempt this buid with in the next year or 2 I also feel that this engine would be in in N/A for.

Here is a picture of a how to do it its in japanese though
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