Drift Pineapples what are they and how can they help you.

Drift pinapples are bushes you can use to make you car gain traction or you can use them to stiffen up the rear end for drifting caution they can make the car slide heaps.
These are suitable for all skylines from r32 on and all sivia 180sx and 240 sx's

complete with Dr Drifts fitting instructions these can be yours for $120 Australian or$70 US plus shipping at a quoted price. We accept http:// paymate.com.au which means you can use your credit card safely and we ship world wide.

Buy a set of Pineapples $105.00 free shipping in australia. with direct debit oversea orders $60 US complete with fitting instructions. shipping is extra for oversea's orders @ cost.



stop press 24/11/02 Meggala's skyline get 1 second faster in the 1/4 mile using pineapples.

yes my time dropped frm 15.09 to 14.04 and could have been quicker see the my car page for more.

watch out for Dr Drift modelling these great things. @ an industrial estate near you.

to order mail skyline@meggala.com

for great smoke and sideways action DrDdrifts pineapples are what you need.

track day testing.


yes there is more.

with each purchase you will get the secret hidden link to Dr_Drifts drifting exploits.

3 minutes (8.1 meg) of the most hard core street drifting you will see.

to show you we aren't dreamers download this Dr Drift vid right click to save as




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